Howes: 3.5 Degrees

Howes: 3.5 Degrees
Title: 3.5 Degrees
Label: Melodic Uk
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited vinyl LP pressing. 2016 debut from the British electronic musician. Youth isn't usually associated with wisdom, or depth or complexity for that matter. Most 22 year-olds are still figuring out how a washing machine works but in the case of Howes (the solo project of Manchester-based John Howes) he's making electronic music that is operating on innovative and experimental levels one might expect from a hardened career musician hitting their stride. These exquisite gems of free form electronica showcase Howes’ ability to create something that is vibrant, full of movement, as well as having density of steam. On lead single ‘Overveen’, the beat and bass keep the song grounded, while chimes and synths dart in an out of the mix creating movement and texture, that envelopes the listener in an all-encompassing hazy foggy cocoon until its searing outro removes all the mist and you see the track for what it is.

1.1 Concagnis
1.2 Source 000535
1.3 Zeroset
1.4 Oyc
1.5 DVR 16
1.6 Overveen
1.7 Green Lense
1.8 MP CD 13

Howes: 3.5 Degrees

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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