Htrk: Work (Work Work)

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Artist: Htrk

Artist: Htrk
Title: Work (Work Work)
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2011 album from the Australian indie band. HTRK craft a stark soundscape: achingly slow 808 beats, eerie synth arpeggios, vaporous guitar noise, and Jonnine Standish's androgynous, detached vocals, dripping with reverb. And yet it's the careful way the pair combine those elements-organizing and juxtaposing them with a minimalist's attention to detail-that makes their music so emotionally devastating.

1.1 Ice Eyes Eis
1.2 Slo Glo
1.3 Eat Yr Heart
1.4 Bendin'
1.5 Skinny
1.6 Synthetik
1.7 Poison
1.8 Work That Body
1.9 Love Triangle
1.10 Body Double

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