Hugh Griffith: Great Rulers of Ancient Rome

Hugh Griffith: Great Rulers of Ancient Rome
Title: Great Rulers of Ancient Rome
Label: Naxos Audio Books

The common view of the Romans is that they were only interested in watching gladiators hack one another to pieces, and in lying on couches while they stuffed large meals down their throats. But of course they were a busy and clever people, who built up a great empire to prove it, with fine cities and harbours, bath houses and roads, laws and good government. In this audiobook you can hear the stories of the great Roman emperors and the enduring legacy that they left for later generations.

1.1 Introduction
1.2 The Other Story Was That Rome Was Founded By Twins
1.3 And That's How the Roman System Worked for About 500 Years
1.4 Julius Caesar
1.5 The First Thing We Know Caesar Did As a Young Man
1.6 The Next Year Caesar Was Elected Praetor
1.7 But the Big Question Was ? What Would Happen to Caesar?
1.8 Augustus ? Emperor 27 BC to Ad 14
1.9 The Family of Octavius Was Frightened for Him
1.10 The Long Path to Victory Was Full of Twists and Turns
1.11 One Reason for Choosing Death
1.12 Claudius ? Emperor Ad 41 to 54
1.13 Claudius Was Over 50 When He Became Emperor
2.1 Nero ? Emperor Ad 54 to 68
2.2 If Nero Could Have His Own Mother Murdered
2.3 Vespasian ? Emperor Ad 69 to 79
2.4 At That Period of His Life Vespasian Was Married to Domitilla
2.5 Trajan ? Emperor Ad 98 to 117
2.6 After All the Stabbing and Poisoning and Putting to Death
2.7 Hadrian ? Emperor Ad 117 to 138
2.8 The Job of An Emperor Was Not to Sit in Rome and Wait
2.9 Marcus Aurelius ? Emperor Ad 161 to 180
2.10 Here Are a Few Extracts to Give the Flavour of His Thoughts
2.11 Diocletian ? Emperor Ad 284 to 305
2.12 The Greatest Idea That Diocletion Had
2.13 Constantine ? Emperor Ad 306 to 337
2.14 Almost Immediately Constantine Began Building

Hugh Griffith: Great Rulers of Ancient Rome

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