Hugh McClelland: Laugh Alive!

Hugh McClelland: Laugh Alive!
Title: Laugh Alive!
Label: CD Baby

Professionally recorded and featuring eight different tracks of laughter the Laugh Alive! CD is pure, warm and joyful laughter. No spoken introductions or instructions will intrude on your enjoyment of the laughing voices as they range from gentle chuckles to wild hilarity - passing through galloping giggles along the way. Listening to laughter is a great stress buster, a perfect 'pick me up,' a truly up-lifting way to start your day as well as a delightful way to unwind at night. Playing laughter is great workout music, stimulates the creative juices and adds a wonderful dimension to social events be it for 2 people or 200. Laughter is also one of the most enjoyable forms of physical activity and participating in laughter increases it's benefits exponentially. It is a gentle aerobic exercise, is used by many as an active meditation, and a good laugh is both refreshing as well as good clean fun with lasting positive effects. The CD jacket describes a series of fun and easy exercises you can do while listening that are designed to stimulate your own natural and healthy laughter without requiring jokes or humor of any sort. These can be done alone, with a partner or in a group. All it takes is the desire to genuinely laugh and the willingness to try the exercises. This CD was created by Hugh McClelland who is a Certified Laughter Leader with the World Laughter Tour and an International Laughter Instructor certified by International Yoga Laughter Clubs. Hugh leads public laughter clubs in British Columbia, Canada, and provides laughter workshops for individuals, businesses, schools and organizations. Based on his experience leading laughter groups Hugh has created this CD to provide both a delightful listening experience and a progressive series of laughter exercises designed to release your own genuine laughter with all the health benefits, joy and fun that go along with it. To know more about laughter, laughter groups and Hugh McClelland check out the website listed with this entry. In the meantime, enjoy and keep laughing!

1.1 Two Who Love to Laugh
1.2 A Laughter Pas de Deux
1.3 E-Laughs
1.4 I Laugh (And You Do Too!)
1.5 O That's a Laugh
1.6 U Laugh (I Will As Well)
1.7 The Gang's All Laughing!
1.8 An Affectionate Chuckle

Hugh McClelland: Laugh Alive!

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