Hugo V Zquez

Hugo V Zquez: Mothership: Cosmos Soundtracks

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Hugo V Zquez

Title: Mothership: Cosmos Soundtracks
Label: CD Baby

Biography and facts Hugo Vázquez, Spanish composer from Madrid, and performer of electronic music, New Age, Ambient, Classical music and Soundtracks. Musical Biography Start getting piano lessons and music theory in the early 90s, as a teenager, he left behind several years of training. At that time made some works on the piano. Later in 2000 through the use of a simple program for computer music composition, starts recording his first classical and electronic compositions. His musical style and major influences are: New Age music, Electronic, Classical and Soundtracks. His first album «INSPIRATION» whose demo is completed, includes these styles. It's composition began in 2000. There have been published some songs of this album: «A New Day» and «Tribute to Agustina». And when he finished the production of all other themes, is scheduled to complete the album post. His first released album is "PROMETHEUS: Sci·Fi Soundtracks" (2012), of which there are published some singles, such as: «Navi, Foundation, Prometheus and Paradise». These songs combine styles like electronic music and new age, and thematics such as Science Fiction and Space. With nods to films like Avatar and Foundation. His second released album is brand new "MOTHERSHIP: Cosmos Soundtracks" (2013), which includes singles like Orion, Nibiru 2012 and Mothership. He has also released singles such as "Oblivion: City of Delusion" and "District 10» (2013). Related Artists and main influences From his childhood he was inspired by the music of Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, later in the years '90s, '00s, Kitaro, Chris Spheeris & Paul Voudouris, now Hans Zimmer, James Horner and James Newton Howard.

1.1 Orion
1.2 Central Sun
1.3 Nibiru 2012
1.4 Twin Earth
1.5 Mothership

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