Human Cargo

Human Cargo: Forget Me

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Human Cargo

Title: Forget Me
Label: CD Baby

Second album, more heavy and dark, plenty of angst, yet with a pop feel, and several surprisng twists along the way. Almost, but not quite, entirely unlike anything you've heard before. 'a good read!' - larry king 'it made me want to break things and hurt people' -oprah 'we hate it when people make up fake quotes from us' -NY times.

1.1 Every Building on the Sunset Strip
1.2 In Time (What Goes Aroound)
1.3 Jenny (What's Your Name)
1.4 Dig Me / Ring of Fire
1.5 I've Been Told (But I Still Don't Know)
1.6 Dear G. (They Threw My Stuff Away)
1.7 Boulevard of Broken Dreams
1.8 I Am I. M, (Invisible Man)
1.9 Nine (Perfect)

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