Human Skab

Human Skab: Thunder Hips and Saddle Bags

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Artist: Human Skab

Artist: Human Skab
Title: Thunder Hips and Saddle Bags

1.1 Screamin' Demon
1.2 Drunk and Staggerin' Around
1.3 Throwin' Rocks at Windows
1.4 Grandest Fights of the Year
1.5 Mining the Radiation
1.6 Go for It
1.7 Dead Baby Blues
1.8 Playin' Guitar Best I Can
1.9 Under the Viaduct
1.10 Bullheads Are Ugly
1.11 Africa Song
1.12 John Wayne Is Dead
1.13 Eat My Skabs/Song of the Century
1.14 Death of the Dinosaurs
1.15 We Need to Destroy the Soviet Union
1.16 Guitar of Africans
1.17 First Kid to Hit the Radio
1.18 Phone Goof Off
1.19 Bein' Bad
1.20 Piano Concert
1.21 "The Human Skab Peeled Back" WZBC 1987 Radio Special

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