Hypnosis: Creating Abundance

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Hypnosis

Artist: Hypnosis
Title: Creating Abundance

Dr Collingwood Ph.D. is Australia's leading training hypnotherapist, he has assisted and consulted with more than 7000 individuals. His extensive client list includes people from all walks of life, facing such challenges as Stress Disorders, Nicotine and Drug Addiction, Gambling, Corporate Sales Motivation and Stress Management, Memory Enhancement, Phobia Control, Panic Attacks, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression and many other diverse issues. Dr Collingwood Ph.D. regularly conducts seminars around the country has trained more than 250 hypnotherapists in Australia. Rick obtained his Doctorate in Social and Historical Philosophy from Trinity University in the USA. He has certified training in Counselling and Mental Health and has an extensive knowledge of clinical Hypnosis combined with many years of practical clinical experience.

1.1 Level 1 - Verbal Induction, Audible Words for Hypnosis
1.2 Levels 2, 3 ; 4 - Exact Fsharp Frequency, Positive Subliminal Messages Beyond Hearing Level, Exact Theta Frequency for Trance

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