I Am Ghost

I Am Ghost: Lovers' Requiem

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Product Type: CD
Artist: I Am Ghost

Artist: I Am Ghost
Title: Lovers' Requiem

A full-length debut so ambitious and assured, it seems the work of a much more established band. From the baroque Latin chorus that opens the CD to the punishing guitar overdrive of the first video/single "Pretty People Never Lie - Vampires Really Never Die", "Lovers' Requiem will take fans of the first EP's ("We Are Always Searching") haunting melodicism to new symphonic heights.

1.1 Crossing the River Styx
1.2 Our Friend Lazarus Sleeps
1.3 Killers Like Candy
1.4 Dark Carnival of the Immaculate
1.5 Pretty People Never Lie, Vampires Never Die
1.6 Of Masques and Martyrs
1.7 Lovers Requiem
1.8 We Are Always Searching
1.9 The Ship of Pills and Needed Things
1.10 The Denouement
1.11 This Is Home
1.12 Beyond the Hourglass

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