I Start Counting/Fortran 5 /Komputer: Konnecting

I Start Counting/Fortran 5 /Komputer: Konnecting
Title: Konnecting
Label: Mute

2011 collection from the Electronic duo of Simon Leonard and David Baker, who have collaborated since the '80s under the band names I Start Counting, Fortran 5 and Komputer. Supporting Erasure in 1987 and collaborating with DJ Colin Faver, Thrash of the Orb, Rod Slater of the Bonzos and Neil Arthur of Blancmange, with remixes provided by the likes of Vince Clarke, Moby, Joey Negro, David Holmes and Pascal Gabriel, the duo supplied remixes for other artists including Erasure, Inspiral Carpets and Laibach. The release celebrates the duo's revisiting of their previous incarnations in the live set, and looks forward to a forthcoming Komputer release.

1.1 Letters to a Friend (I Start Counting)
1.2 Million Headed Monster (I Start Counting)
1.3 Heart on the Line (Fortran 5)
1.4 Time to Dream (Fortran 5)
1.5 Valentina (Komputer)
1.6 Looking Down on London (Komputer)
1.7 Love Baby (Fortran 5)
1.8 Lose Him (I Start Counting)
1.9 Headphones and Ringtones (Komputer)
1.10 Still Smiling (I Start Counting)
1.11 Like a Bird (Komputer)
1.12 Empty Room (I Start Counting)
1.13 Look to the Future (Fortran 5)
1.14 Persian Blues (Fortran 5)
1.15 Layla (Derek Sings Derek) (Fortran 5 with Vocals By Derek Nimmo)

I Start Counting/Fortran 5 /Komputer: Konnecting

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