Iain Matthews

Iain Matthews: Orphans & Outcasts: Collection Of Demos Outtakes & Live PerformancesVolumes I-IV

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Artist: Iain Matthews

Artist: Iain Matthews
Title: Orphans & Outcasts: Collection Of Demos Outtakes & Live PerformancesVolumes I-IV

Four CD set. For over 50 years, singer-songwriter and musician Iain Matthews has carved his own niche, fusing his own mix of well-crafted songs drawing on folk-rock, Americana, soft rock and other influences. Orphans And Outcasts reviews three volumes of his long-deleted rarities series, adding a newly-curated fourth CD of previously unissued rarities from more recent times, bringing the project right up-to-date. The box set covers Iain's entire career, from mid-60s rarities with Pyramid and recordings from around the time of his breakthrough with Matthews Southern Comfort to a handful of rarities by folk-rock favourites Plainsong and a plethora of solo material. Compiled and annotated by Iain himself, Orphans And Outcasts is a very personal trawl through the back pages of a remarkable musical biography. Discs 1-3 have now been remastered; and everything on Disc 4 is previously unissued. Orphans And Outcasts also boasts a multitude of impressive musicians who have worked with Iain down the years, including Richard Thompson, Andy Roberts, Viv Stanshall, Mark 'Griff' Griffiths, Pat Donaldson, Gerry Conway, Ian Whiteman, Jerry Donahue, Timmi Donald, David Surkamp, Mark Hallman and many others. Introductory essay by renowned rock biographer and historian Clinton Heylin.

1.1 Touch Her If You Can
1.2 Yankee Lady
1.3 Belle
1.4 Later on
1.5 I Believe in You
1.6 It Takes a Lot to Laugh
1.7 Not Much at All
1.8 Baby Ruth
1.9 Hearts (Outtake)
1.10 Christine's Tune
1.11 Seeds and Stems
1.12 Spanish Guitar
1.13 Tigers Will Survive
1.14 Any Day Woman
1.15 Poor Ditching Boy (Outtake)
1.16 Even the Guiding Light (Live)
1.17 So Sad (Demo)
1.18 Groovin' (Demo)
1.19 Let There Be Blues (Matthews/Lamb Demo)
1.20 New Shirt (Songwriting Memo)
2.1 S.O.S. ('Hi-Fi' Demo, 1981)
2.2 Better Not Stay ('Hi-Fi' Demo, 1981)
2.3 What Do You Wish You Could Be (Songwriting Demo, 1982)
2.4 Perfect Timing (Songwriting Demo, 1982)
2.5 Voices (Songwriting Demo, 1982)
2.6 Action ('Shook' Demo, 1983)
2.7 Change ('Shook' Demo, 1983)
2.8 Rendezvous (Songwriting Demo, 1984)
2.9 What the Wanter Wants
2.10 Action ; Intent
2.11 Too Hard Too Soon
2.12 Steady
2.13 Your Heart Again
2.14 Still I See You
2.15 We Don't Talk Anymore (Songwriting Demo, 1988)
2.16 Rains of '62 (Alternate Take, 1989)
2.17 Mercy Street (Working Ref., 1989)
2.18 Perfect Timing (Working Ref., 1989)
3.1 Me About You (By Pyramid, 1966)
3.2 Woodstock (Alternate Take)
3.3 Hearts
3.4 Home
3.5 Never Ending
3.6 I'll Fly Away (Plainsong Demo, 1972)
3.7 Sing Senorita (Out-Take, 1978)
3.8 On the Beach (Out-Take, 1983)
3.9 The Fabrication (Demo, 1986)
3.10 Except for a Tear (Demo, 1986)
3.11 Next Time Around (Demo with Andy Roberts, 1991)
3.12 God's Empty Chair (Demo with Andy Roberts, 1991)
3.13 Jaques and Tambo (With Mark Hallman 1996)
3.14 Spirits (Plainsong Radio Session 1997)
3.15 Sing Sister Sing (Live 1997)
4.1 Let Me Live Until I See You Again
4.2 Seven Bridges Road (Live in la, 1988)
4.3 Nothing's Changed (Demo with Andy Roberts, 1989)
4.4 Voices (Plainsong Demo, 1991)
4.5 Living in Reverse (Demo with Andy Roberts, 1991)
4.6 Restless Wings (Hamilton Pool Demo, 1992)
4.7 Leaving Alone (Hamilton Pool Demo, 1992)
4.8 Ballad of Gruene Hall
4.9 Rooted to the Spot (Demo, 1993)
4.10 Even If It Kills Me (Demo with Clive Gregson, 1997)
4.11 Horse Left in the Rain (Hamilton Pool Demo with David Halley, 1997)
4.12 Anchor Me (Demo with Michael Bonagura, 1997)
4.13 Something Mighty (Outtake, 1998)
4.14 Your Own Way of Forgetting (Plainsong Outtake, 1998)
4.15 Mr Soul (Demo, 1998)
4.16 Stranded (Demo, 1999)

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