Ian Bruce: Hits & Pieces: First 30 Years

Ian Bruce: Hits & Pieces: First 30 Years
Title: Hits & Pieces: First 30 Years
Label: CD Baby

As a 55 year old singer/songwriter from Scotland - as opposed to a Scottish singer/songwriter - of some 30 years and 18 albums, the time was right to combine my various facets, be they my own material, Scots Traditional, Robert Burns or the odd cover, into one single package. Three discs - 2 CDs and a DVD. Oh, and there's a forty eight page booklet which gives lyrics and tells you more or less what drives me. Having elected to write this note myself it is, of course, a little difficult for me to be objective. My web page, Myspace and Youtube gives much more idea of what I'm all about. There are complimentary notes by prominent others there too. I'm not allowed give details here though. If you like your music being anything from a single unaccompanied voice to simple one guitar accompaniment or tasty acoustic band backing then there is definitely lots here for you. Emphasis on strong sung melody and rhythm with a big dod of feel good thrown in. Whilst I would love everybody to listen to my music the way they want i wouldn't recommend it as background music. It does require some attention. I'd like to think that my music would be either an immediately pleasant discovery or will grow slowly on you and become an old dependable friend after not too long. I've made lots of friends through my music. I'd love you to be one of them. Who was that singer on the Linn Comparison Gadget Show? It was me. Lot's of folks asked. Whose Robert Burns CD was placed No. 2 in The Scotsman Newspaper's best ever Robert Burns albums. It was mine. It's called Alloway Tales and a couple of tracks from it are featured here. I'm going to stop blabbing on. Hopefully I'll see you on my various visits to The US, Canada, Germany, Denmark or indeed in my native UK or Scotland. Let's be friends!! Ian Bruce.

1.1 Brown Eyed Baby (Swing Version)
1.2 Annie Laurie
1.3 Lincoln ; My Brothers
1.4 Coming Home (Comin' Hame)
1.5 The Stoutest Man in the Forty Twa
1.6 The Dawn of a Brand New Day
1.7 Now Westlin' Winds
1.8 Sweet Fallen Angels
1.9 Blue Denim Days
1.10 Lonely Old Lady
1.11 Child on the Green
1.12 Speakin' Free
1.13 From a Distance
1.14 Recovery
1.15 Ca' the Yowes
1.16 Labyrinth of Chance
1.17 My Eldorado
2.1 Too Far from She
2.2 The Touch ; the Go
2.3 The King's Shilling
2.4 Lassie Wi' the Lintwhite Locks
2.5 Then the Rain Came
2.6 Free Agents
2.7 Namenlos
2.8 Broken Down Squatter
2.9 Gone for the Day
2.10 Blodwen's Dream
2.11 The Bleacher Lassie O' Kelvinhaugh
2.12 My Martin and My Motorbike
2.13 Black Fog
2.14 The John MacLean March
2.15 Ghost of the Chair
2.16 Ye Jacobites By Name
2.17 Will There Be a Concert?

Ian Bruce: Hits & Pieces: First 30 Years

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