Ian McDougall

Ian McDougall: Ian McDougall 12-Tet Live

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Artist: Ian McDougall

Artist: Ian McDougall
Title: Ian McDougall 12-Tet Live

Trombonist Ian McDougall has joined with 11 other west coast Canadian jazz musicians to record live at the Cellar in Vancouver. There is a huge range of music styles here, including 'the battle of the altos', 'the battle of the tenors', a really slow and complex rendition of 'Blue Bossa', and brand new compositions by Phil Dwyer, Don Thompson, and Ian. 75 minutes of great jazz!

1.1 Tales of Cotton
1.2 Desolation Blues
1.3 Ledcc
1.4 Blue Bossa
1.5 Silver Woody
1.6 Speak Softly
1.7 Red Sky
1.8 Home
1.9 Dry with a Twist

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