Ifly: Empire Undone

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ifly

Title: Empire Undone
Label: CD Baby

Time is not linear, it is flowing in both directions at once and so it is difficult to be precise about when Ifly began, or indeed, when it ended. Technically the answer is: Ifly never begun, will never end and exists eternally in the Infinite moment of Now. Ifly are particularly intruiged by the increasing speculation that history will end on December 21 2012. That's not to say that Ifly are end of the world hystericists. Ifly understands endings are beginnings and vice versa. Ifly have decided they are not going to do comparisons. Therefore the Blue Mountains band Ifly will not accept comparisons between themselves and other musicians past, present or future, on Earth. Nor will Ifly accept comparisons between this gig and the last one, nor between a recorded and a live version of a song. Ifly feel that excessive dwelling in the world of comparison, analysis and competition further sinks us into the world of duality and separatist thinking and negates the overwhelming Truth of Existence: that there is One Life and it is happening Now... Also happening now is the release of Ifly's debut album Empire Undone. The Australian band spent 5 years making this record, produced by Davide Salvietti at his studios in Leytonstone in London. Empire Undone is a seamless mix of comedy folk, exotic pop & political bite, with the quality of the production & the sharpness of the lyrics sharing top billing.Think Flight of the Concords meets John Lennon in Rishikesh. Ifly - Jonathan David Shaw & Andrew James Stout - are returning to the UK, where they were based from 2004-2006, to promote the record. From there they will journey to Europe for the first time. A highlight of their tour will be their billing at the Sunrise Festival and the Glastonbury Festival. Good things come to those who wait. Ifly's Empire Undone is no exception to this rule.

1.1 (Disclaimer)
1.2 Caught in a Groove
1.3 Scrumpy PT2
1.4 Likes Me Better
1.5 Behind These Walls
1.6 Kelly
1.7 S11
1.8 Cia
1.9 What Say You
1.10 Drummer
1.11 She Buzzed Me
1.12 Dude

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