Igor Plitsyn: Serenade

Igor Plitsyn: Serenade
Title: Serenade
Label: CD Baby

Igor Plitsyn, electric violin, synthesizer Sound and Design: Igor Plitsyn Publisher: Plitsyn Music (ASCAP) Plitsyn's notes for the CD: In early 2010, I recorded a series of improvisations while exploring my Yamaha electric violin in combination with some newly acquired sound devices. The improvisations were driven by an idea of focusing on one key per session (each key corresponding to one of the five strings of the violin) and loosely using the harmonic structure of blues as a framework without intentionally adhering to any specific style. Later, while editing the recordings, I added synth pads and decided to release the music as an EP.

1.1 Serenade: I. in C
1.2 Serenade: II. in G
1.3 Serenade: III. in D
1.4 Serenade: IV. in a
1.5 Serenade: V. in E

Igor Plitsyn: Serenade

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