II Nub: Gradients

II Nub: Gradients
Title: Gradients
Label: CD Baby

The music of II Nub (pronounced eye eye nub) is built with ambient electronic textures and field recordings combined with drum and guitar loops, software synthesizer and baritone guitar. Live performances are complemented with video projections. II Nub is based in Worcester, Ma. Band members Sean Carroll and Luis Fraire have been playing music together for nearly 20 years, playing most recently in The Pandas. About the songs: The songwriting for Gradients began in the summer of 2010. Most of the songs had their start as either baritone guitar phrases or loops. We would then record these ideas into our recording program and slowly over time add, beats, bass, synths, drones, ambient sounds, field recordings and vocal samples. We continued this for around two years until we felt we had well balanced songs that had a natural organic fluid quality and wasn't too electronic. Also we often used our recording program to create new sounds, we would use bits of recorded material and manipulate the sounds in various ways until a new sound emerged. As the songs grew each began to present a certain feel, and we would try to help the song find it's voice. During the recording process we always had in mind that the goal was to make music that made you feel like you were somewhere, in a certain environment or state of mind. Some songs take the listener strait into the forest, near the ocean, a moving train or even in contact with the voice of a historical figure, while other songs would reflect in their tone a certain emotion, feeling or mood. By the Winter of 2012 we felt the songs had reached their destination and with that we contacted our friends at Peerless Mastering who prepared our 15 songs for duplication and now our music is available on iTunes and CD Baby. The CD art was prepared by millionsofimages.com.

1.1 Soft Nubes
1.2 Gradience
1.3 67,000 MPH
1.4 Flat Radius
1.5 Knots 1
1.6 Auto de Fe
1.7 Sea Level
1.8 Ananta
1.9 Ambitus
1.10 Knots 2
1.11 Security
1.12 Livery of Seisin
1.13 Wrong #
1.14 Kali
1.15 Knots 3

II Nub: Gradients

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