Ike Noble

Ike Noble: Doing It Again

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Artist: Ike Noble

Artist: Ike Noble
Title: Doing It Again

Once again, the legendary Ike Noble and his 'Red Hot' back-up band d' Kalendars have released another new CD. Ike is doing a FANTASTIC version of Stevie Wonder's 'Another Star', and General Crook's 'The Best Years Of My Life'. Also, Connowil Records is releasing FOR THE FIRST TIME a new recording of Ike Noble singing the song 'Look A Little Higher', and we think it is a jewel!!! The 'Red Hot' back-up band d' Kalendars has also recorded several new songs on this CD. Their hip hop style on 'I'd Better Do What' and 'No Thank You, I Wanna Dance', are truly QUALITY, ORIGINAL MUSIC!!! In addition, the band d' Kalendars is doing an excellent job with the 'SMOOTH JAZZ' song 'Relax, We've Got Two Weeks'. All of the above is the reason why Ike Noble and his 'Red Hot' back-up band d' Kalendars are 'DOING IT AGAIN'!!!

1.1 Look a Little Higher
1.2 Another Star
1.3 The Best Years of My Life
1.4 Lonely People
1.5 I'd Better Do What
1.6 No Thank You, I Wanna Dance
1.7 Boogie on Down
1.8 Relax, We've Got Two Weeks

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