Il Complesso Di Tada

Il Complesso Di Tada: Il Complesso Di Tada

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: Il Complesso Di Tada
Title: Il Complesso Di Tada
Product Type: VINYL LP

Welcome to a new adventure in the world of the Italian coolest 60s sound. If Calibro 35 explores the weirdest side of Italian soundtracks, Massimo Martellota's new creature "Il Complesso di Tadà" focuses on the grooviest and hip-shaking side of Italian mid 60s Italian TV Shows music. Recorded in Milan and mixed by Tommaso Colliva at his Toomi Labs Studio in London, "Il Complesso di Tadà" is much more than a side project of Calibro 35. Mr. Martellotta has brought together a super tight orchestra made with some of the best musicians of the Italian indie scene (Selton, Jaselli) together with, on vocals, true national icons such as Elio from Elio e Le Storie Tese, Nina Zilli and Filippo Timi. From the opening single, Piero Umiliani's masterpiece, "Mah Na Mah Na" to the beat explosion of "Il Surf Delle Mattonelle" and "Che Colpa Abbiamo Noi" and to classic Italian treasures such as "Sapore Di Sale" and "Guarda Che Luna", the album leads you into a pure and super cool mid 60s experience. Thanks to Massimo's meticulous care of all the details, the sound is super tight and punchy from start to finish, full of percussive rhythms, wild organs and groovy percussions. Alongside the list of the unforgettable Italian pearls, there's also place for a bunch of irresistible groovy instrumental tracks such as "Veloce, Non Troppo", "Allegro" and "Movimentato" all composed by Massimo Martellotta, which mostly reflect his admiration for one of the Italian greatest soundtrack composer of all time Piero Umiliani, as it is also remarked on the album's liner notes that have been written by Piero Umiliani's family.

1.1 Veloce Non Troppo
1.2 Mah Na Mah Na (Feat. Elio)
1.3 Che Colpa Abbiamo Noi (Feat. Ramiro Levy)
1.4 Parole Parole (Feat. Filippo Timi ; Serena Altavilla)
1.5 Sottofondo Morbido
1.6 Il Surf Delle Mattonelle (Feat. Nina Zilli)
1.7 Se Perdo Te (Feat. Serena Altavilla)
1.8 Allegro
1.9 Movimentato
1.10 Guarda Che Luna (Feat. Ramiro Levy)
1.11 Sapore Di Sale (Feat. Filippo Timi)
1.12 Si È Spento Il Sole (Feat. Ramiro Levy)
1.13 Il Lento Delle Prove

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