Illmind: Behind the Curtain

Illmind: Behind the Curtain
Title: Behind the Curtain
Label: Nature Sounds

Despite being one of hip-hops most in-demand producers, !llmind has never released an official album of his own. That will change when Nature Sounds unveils the instrumental BEH!ND THE CURTA!N. Having spent so much time working with vocalists, !llmind assures listeners that this is no ordinary beat tape. !llmind will also be offering the albums audio stems (drums parts, bass parts, horns parts, etc) through a download code on each CD. While hip-hop producers are known to operate in secrecy, !llmind hopes to inspire the next generation of track masters.

1.1 Our Victory
1.2 Ahead of Da Game
1.3 Giving Up
1.4 Blue Paint
1.5 Mug Shots
1.6 Situations
1.7 Here to There
1.8 Cornered
1.9 Illipedia
1.10 Next Round
1.11 Rapid Fire
1.12 Answer Me
1.13 Chop It Up
1.14 Oh Wow
1.15 Big Idea
1.16 Let It Fly
1.17 From My Head
1.18 New Start
1.19 Champions
1.20 Wannabee
1.21 Zulema
1.22 Gimme

Illmind: Behind the Curtain

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