In Utero Cannibalism

In Utero Cannibalism: Psychotic Killing Lust

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Product Type: CD

Title: Psychotic Killing Lust
Label: O.B.S.E. Productions

Greek death metallers In Utero Cannibalism after some demos and an EP, released their first full album on 2007, titled "Psychotic Killing Lust". A death metal furious album, that followed later from many more albums. Featuring ex-members of other Greek bands like Obsecration, Desolation, etc.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Offensive Killings
1.3 Death-Murder-Butchery
1.4 Blood-Soaked Murder
1.5 Chronic Molestation
1.6 In Utero Cannibalism
1.7 Self-Devoured Extremity
1.8 Psychotic Killing Lust
1.9 Necrophilia
1.10 Slow Horrid Death
1.11 Gruesome Affliction
1.12 Infestdead Outrage

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