Ina Allen: Nanushka: A Russian Children's Story

Ina Allen: Nanushka: A Russian Children&
Title: Nanushka: A Russian Children's Story
Label: CD Baby

The story takes place in a time long past in a remote Russian village. Little Nanushka lives alone with her Great-aunt Olga and longs for playmates. She resorts to creating make-believe friends, but this gets her in trouble with Great-aunt Olga. The piano duets as well as the words describe Nanushka's story. Follow her in her adventures as she fills her life with playmates.

1.1 The Story Takes Place
1.2 "Russian Theme" from Six Pieces, Op. 11, No.3 (Excerpt)
1.3 Near the Village Lived a Little Girl
1.4 "Laideronnette, Imperatrice Des Pagodes" from Mother Goose Suite (Excerpt)
1.5 One Morning, Great-Tetka Olga Set Out
1.6 "La Toupe" from Jeux D'enfants (The Top from Children's Games) By George Bizet
1.7 Nanushka Remembered She Was Supposed to Be Working
1.8 "Les Bulles de Savon" from Jeux D'enfants (Soap Bubbles from Children's Games)
1.9 Great-Tetka Olga's Angry Voice
1.10 "The Devil's Kitchen" from Sassafras (Excerpt)
1.11 As the Sun Sank Lower in the Sky
1.12 "Mi-A-Ou" from Dolly Suite
1.13 That Evening As Nanushka Trudged Wearily to Bed
1.14 "Le Jardin Feerique" from Mother Goose Suite (Excerpt)
1.15 In the Morning
1.16 "Allegro Molto" from Sonata in D Major (Excerpt)
2.1 Children's Introduction to Classical Music Through Storytelling
2.2 Children Listen to Classical Piano Duet Music
2.3 Tracks Alternate Between Narrative and Music
2.4 Listening Experience Involves Education and Appreciation of the Arts
2.5 Folktale Set in Czarist Russia

Ina Allen: Nanushka: A Russian Children's Story

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