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Indigie Femme: Indian Souvenir

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Indigie Femme

Title: Indian Souvenir
Label: CD Baby

'Indian Souvenir' is the debut CD for Indigie Femme and represents a milestone in their music career. Since amalgamating solo careers in November 2006, Indigie Femme has unleashed their magic and exuberant presence on international and national stages. Their album 'Indian Souvenir' speaks of life's passions and experiences and has underlying themes of empowerment to women, children, indigenous people, and our connection to Mother Earth. Indigie Femme creates a fabric of collective healing and a consciousness for our planet, which is evident through their songs. With the master guitar extraordinaire producer, Larry Mitchell, 'Indian Souvenir' has been crafted and arranged from his Insatiable Studio. As a producer, Larry has won production and engineering awards in various categories in New Mexico, NAMMY's (Native American Music Awards), and in 2008 won a Grammy co-producing the 'Johnny Whitehorse' album. 'Indian Souvenir' is dedicated to two significant people who enhanced the lives of Indigie Femme. Elena's mum, Julie Higgins, who died of cancer in March 2008 and to Tom Riggs' life on this earth as he touched so many people with compassion and acceptance. The many seeds he planted will live on through his wife Bonnie Chauncey-Riggs, his children, grandchildren, students, co-workers, friends, and everyone else he touched. The dynamic folk duo, with a twist of world beats, tap into their indigenous heritage. Armed with powerful voices and their guitars, the duo has traveled extensively supporting non-profits that support; women's advocacy against domestic violence, spiritual and indigenous grass roots organizations, and environmentally conscious groups. From the age of 11 when Tash's mother would take her to concerts on the Navajo Nation to see Native American performers including Buffy Saint Maire, XIT, Floyd Westerman, Mr. Indian and Time, and Bill Miller, Tash wanted to become a singer. That dream has become her reality in the last several years. Tash often dedicates her original songs that were inspired from living on the reservation to her traditional grandmother, her mentor in life, who lives in a remote area on the Navajo Nation on Black Mesa, Arizona. Birthed in New Zealand and of Maori and Samoan descent, Elena is also an Australia citizen. She left her teaching career working in a juvenile detention center to pursuit her passion about the power of the message in music. Following a vision, Elena arrived to the shores of the United States in May 2006. Elena assisted an educator and grandmother from Teseque Pueblo whom she met at the United Nations in New York. They traveled throughout the USA and Canada in support of Native American healing circles and gatherings. In New Mexico she met Tash and the rest is Indigie Femme herstory. Indigie Femme, advocates for nurturing Mother Earth, have chosen Oasis to manufacture their 'Indian Souvenir' CD. Oasis uses 100% green forestry practices and high-quality vegetable based ink on both the board and the discs. Album design by Northern Cheyenne sister, Rebecca Burns Photos on album by Marybeth Flower.

1.1 Indian Souvenir
1.2 Powerful Women
1.3 Mother Earth Father Sky
1.4 Why Are You Here
1.5 Gotta Let It Go
1.6 Sing Your Song
1.7 Beautiful Spirit
1.8 No Compromise
1.9 Am I Ready
1.10 Blessid Rain

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