Indulis & Ilga Suna

Indulis & Ilga Suna: Reflections of the Latvian Spirit

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Title: Reflections of the Latvian Spirit
Label: CD Baby

Indulis Suna is a recognized Latvian - Canadian performing and recording artist. For the last 22 years he has been recording CDs in the classical, new age and contemporary music album categories. Indulis continue to electrify and astonish audiences with his extraordinary live performances in Toronto and Southern Ontario. With his wife Ilga who is an exceptional concert pianist, he has recorded several CDs and produced DVDs of their live Recitals. The album 'Reflections of the Latvian Spirit' is an exposure of the Latvian soul, passion, happiness and sorrow everywhere in the world, it will touch people's hearts, make them sing, dance and love Latvian mentality. This album introduces the world to the gorgeous and delightful Latvian folk tunes as well as rich and prosperous Latvian soul. 1. Melanholic Waltz - very romantic piece by distinguished Latvian composer Emils Darzins 2. Mazinš Biju, Neredzeju - very soothing and touching medley of Latvian orphan songs 3. Aiz Ezera Balti Berzi - tells about beautiful white birch trees around the lake 4. Es Dziedašu Par Tevi, Tevu Zeme - every Latvian in the world has this song in it's heart : "I will sing about you, my homeland" 5. Jurin' Prasa Smalku Tiklu - sailor's song 6. Bedu Manu Lielu Bedu - fun song about how singing helps to be always happy. 7. Atminas - sentimental waltz "Memories". 8. Apalais Meness - folk dance "Round Moon" 9. Sarkandaila Roze Auga - romantic song about the lonely beauteous rose . 10. Sija Auzas, Tautu Meita - traditional happy children's folk song/dance 11. Cuci Guli Ligavina - a very sensual love song - lullaby to the bride. 12. Lakstigalu Nakti - happy fun song 13. Gaujas Mala - romantic waltz 'At the River' 14. Polka "Lettonia"- medley of well-known Latvian polkas 15. Pie Dzintara Juras - one of the most popular Latvian songs - At the Amber Sea 16. Mazais Merkakitis - fun song about lonely monkey 17. Še,Kur Ligo Priežu Meži - song about Latvian pride and beautiful pine forests 18. Nezviedz, Berais Kumelin - march "Little Colt" 19. Mila Lidzgajeja - love follows you everywhere 20 Viss, Ko Spej Dzive Dot - only love will give you all life's blessings 21. Dejo, Dejo, Pagriezies - Let's dance - Latvian version of Polish polka 22. Staburadze - Waltz 'The crying Rock' 23. Aija Žužu, Laca Berni - little bears' lullaby 24. Dzivite, Dzivite, Šupojos Tevi 'O life, I swing in you...You promised me so much but you gave just a little' 25. Put, Vejini - 'Blow wind, Drive my boat', also one of Latvians' favorites.

1.1 Melanholiskais Valsis
1.2 Mazins Biju, Neredzeju
1.3 Aiz Ezera Balti Berzi
1.4 Es Dziedasu Par Tevi, Tevu Zeme
1.5 Jurin' Prasa Smalku Tiklu
1.6 Bedu Manu Lielu Bedu
1.7 Atminas
1.8 Apalais Meness
1.9 Sarkandaila Roze Auga
1.10 Sija Auzas, Tautu Meita
1.11 Cuci Guli Ligavina
1.12 Lakstigalu Nakti
1.13 Gaujas Mala
1.14 Polka "Lettonia"
1.15 Pie Dzintara Juras
1.16 Mazais Merkakitis
1.17 Se€™, Kur Ligo Priezu Mezi
1.18 Nezviedz, Berais Kumelin
1.19 Mila Lidzgajeja
1.20 Viss, Ko Spej Dzive Dot
1.21 Dejo, Dejo, Pagriezies
1.22 Staburadze
1.23 Aija Zuzu, Laca Berni
1.24 Dzivite, Dzivite, Supojos Tevi
1.25 Put, Vejini

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