Inertia: Decade of Machines

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Inertia

Artist: Inertia
Title: Decade of Machines

- A must have, 2 disc compilation from underground industrial band, Inertia!- All the best dark and throbbing slices of visceral, nihilistic industrial gloom highlighted by "Retaliate," "Hack" and "Cryonica" plus an entire disc of remixes by Funker Vogt, Das Ich, Razed In Black, Spahn Ranch and others!

1.1 Angel
1.2 Retaliate
1.3 Mind Energy
1.4 Hack
1.5 Victims
1.6 Autoerotica
1.7 No Defect
1.8 Seven Sin VII
1.9 Slider
1.10 Sectorial
1.11 Blank Stare
1.12 Shakalaka Baby!
1.13 Faith on Fire
1.14 Cryonica
2.1 Retaliate [New Mind Mix]
2.2 No Defect [The Galan Pixs Mix]
2.3 Regime [Funker Vogt Mix]
2.4 Angel [Inertia Mix]
2.5 Threat [Noisex Mix]
2.6 Hack [Das Ich Mix]
2.7 Blank Stare [Implant Mix]
2.8 Angel [Razed in Black Mix]
2.9 Slow Motion [Terrorfakt Mix]
2.10 Fly [Swarf Mix]
2.11 Black Ice Impact [Inertia Mix]
2.12 Slow Motion [Aslan Factor Mix]
2.13 Harlequin [Psyche Mix]
2.14 Cryonica [Spahn Ranch Mix]

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