InFlyte: Shores of Heaven

Inflyte: Shores of Heaven
Title: Shores of Heaven
Label: CD Baby

The origin of InFlyte was not an accident but a Divinely orchestrated meeting of all of the musicians in this band.Ther are multiple stories of how we were introduced to each other and what has occured in each of our lives to bring InFlyte together as much for a healing experience as a musical collaboration. The music takes a musical Journey from Upbeat,Melodic PopJazz Songs to Adventurous Compositions that are more challenging and shows the individual talents of InFlyte players.The Guitar work of Larry Ohl demonstrates his mastering of chops and tone,with hints of influeces from the likes of Larry Carlton,Carlos Santana, Jeff Beck to name a few.Bobby Wyricks Piano and Keyboard work has a stylings reminicient of Lyle Mays.David Beniot,Jimmy Webb.The interaction between Larry's guitar work and Bobby's keyboard parts are signatue to InFlyte's sound.Much of the rythm parts in the music is accoustic guitar driven by Bill Walsh.Combining all of this with solid,energetic Drum Grooves of Don Burke with the Bass and Fretless masterings of Christopher Charles defines the InFylte Sound.

1.1 Inflyte
1.2 Retroland
1.3 Caribbean Daydream
1.4 Majik
1.5 People Get Ready
1.6 Shores of Heaven
1.7 Asia Minor
1.8 Taj
1.9 Santa Ana Winds
1.10 Listen
1.11 Emily D
1.12 Mystri
1.13 2004
1.14 Turn, Turn, Turn

InFlyte: Shores of Heaven

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