Intra: Glory of the Imperfect

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Intra

Title: Glory of the Imperfect
Label: CD Baby

Boulevard Records is pleased to announce the latest release by Intra, "The Glory of the Imperfect". Comprised of fourteen tracks ranging from the subtle to the sublime, this body of work clocks in at a little under an hour. Although designed to be digested in one continuous sitting, it is by no means a "concept" album. Underlying proggy/psych/jam-band moods permeate each composition. Featuring special guest artists such as, Christine Fader of Mifune' (Spring Anticipation), Bill Carroll of Prime Directive (Lake Effect and The One Tree Forest), and Intra alumni, John Charlillo (Flipchart Moses), the over-all effect is not unlike a group of friends gathering to share insights and observations.

1.1 Traveler
1.2 Rules
1.3 Lake Effect
1.4 Lady in White
1.5 Water Water
1.6 Beneath the 12th Moon of Fantasy
1.7 The One Tree Forest
1.8 Temple of Possibilities
1.9 Spring Anticipation
1.10 Nobody's Home
1.11 Cemetery (And Some Are Not)
1.12 Flipchart Moses
1.13 Civilization Dies on the Road
1.14 Freedom of Will

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