Invasive: Murder. Death. Kill

Invasive: Murder. Death. Kill
Title: Murder. Death. Kill
Label: CD Baby

This debut album from British Metallers Invasive, is fast and brutal. Great riffs that stick in your mind, add a slightly more melodic twist to the thrash genre. Traces of all the classic thrash band elements abound, but Invasive manage to keep an identity and originality of their own.

1.1 Time to Die
1.2 Will to Survive
1.3 Deep Within
1.4 M.D.K
1.5 No Rest for the Dead
1.6 Space Eternal
1.7 Hunted
1.8 Give Me Your Life
1.9 Shattered Grains
1.10 Falling Down
1.11 Blood of Hatred

Invasive: Murder. Death. Kill

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