Invidia: As The Sun Sleeps

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Artist: Invidia

Artist: Invidia
Title: As The Sun Sleeps

It may sound trite, but Invidia is truly a brotherhood. Each member of this brotherhood has a story that reflects the quote above. When they came together to make AS THE SUN SLEEPS, they knew just what they didn't want and how far they were willing to go to make it work on their terms. Vocalist, Travis Johnson has been a bassist with the band IN THIS MOMENT for years. His devotion to music and lack of limitations on himself brought about the desire to sing. He had tried his hand at lead vocals with other groups, but when Guitarist Brian Jackson - formerly of SKINLAB and producer Logan Mader (ONCE HUMAN, MACHINE HEAD) came calling, he knew that the material they were putting together was an un-missable opportunity.

1.1 Now or Never 3:46
1.2 Making My Amends 3:08
1.3 Feed the Fire 3:40
1.4 Rotten 3:29
1.5 Marching Dead 3:20
1.6 Smell the Kill 3:49
1.7 Till Death 3:21
1.8 Step Up 2:55
1.9 Truth in the Sky 3:52
1.10 The Other Side 3:45
1.11 As the Sun Sleeps 4:02

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