Io Perry: Sailor's Wave

Io Perry: Sailor&
Title: Sailor's Wave
Label: CD Baby

Her debut CD, Greybay (produced by former bandmate Tito Larriva) is seductively cold and sweetly sad with liberating bursts of infatuation and bitterness. While embracing the intimate moodiness of her previous album, Greybay, Split Yourself in Two, has an added enraged-yet-poppy atmosphere that complements her meeker, doe-eyed side. Split Yourself in Two is aptly named because the artist has successfully bisected herself into a brace of distinct sensitive singer/songwriters who alternately vie for your attention while blending themselves into one lush, powerful, musical entity. Io Perry's new CD, 'Sailor's Wave,' contains her usual sweet, whispery, angst-ridden lullabies while adding a pounding, angry sarcasm that jumps at us straight from her punk rock roots. The effect created is a powerful blend of gentle and rough unrequited love songs, pumped through to us with the calculated brilliance that can only truly emerge from a mercilessly trampled heart. The song, Valentine, from Split Yourself in Two was featured in an recent episode of the Cartoon Network's cult classic, Moral Orel, a stop-animation show on Adult Swim. The song, Saturday, off of Greybay was also used in season two of Moral Orel.

1.1 Come on Home
1.2 The Best Thing You Ever Has
1.3 Little Daisies
1.4 Applebee
1.5 Sad Day
1.6 Saior's Wave
1.7 Yellow Leaves
1.8 Sleepy Eyes
1.9 Nothing Will Do
1.10 Montgemery Street
1.11 I Remember the Day
1.12 What Is Your Name
1.13 Iold Grey Heart
1.14 I Wish I Could Sleep at Night
1.15 My German Spy
1.16 Fishies

Io Perry: Sailor's Wave

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