Iris & Rose

Iris & Rose: Happy Endings

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Artist: Iris & Rose

Artist: Iris & Rose
Title: Happy Endings

We wanted to go back to our roots with this album, and those of you who already know our style will find this a little like coming home. We went seeking traditional songs that needed an Iris and Rose twist and we think we found the mother lode.

1.1 A Little Over One with the Other
1.2 Thrashing Machine
1.3 Maggie May
1.4 Flowing Bowl
1.5 It's My Turn to Sleep in the Middle
1.6 The Zucchini Song
1.7 Gilda and the Dragon
1.8 Backside Rules the Navy
1.9 Maids When You're Young
1.10 Nine Inch Will Please a Lady
1.11 All for Me Grog
1.12 The Lodger
1.13 Old Time Religion

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