Is/Ought Gap

Is/Ought Gap: Lucky 7

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Is/Ought Gap

Title: Lucky 7
Label: CD Baby

Holy crap, this album is amazing! The seven short songs are tuneful and smart, the performances and audio are excellent. Get it! -Michael Lachowski of Pylon Never before released material from post-punk rockers Is/Ought Gap, part of the early independent music scene of Athens GA. A scene made world famous by a People Magazine article, a film, R.E.M, the B-52's, Pylon and many other fine artists, musicians, and happy fans. Is/Ought Gap began in approximately late 1981. It's members went on to form well known Athens, GA bands Kilkenny Cats and Time Toy. A real jewel of a band, one that could only have happened in Athens--unpredictable, nutty, ever-rockin. The guitars create great inner textures and Bryan's voice is like no other, somehow melodic and standup comic at the same time. Wonderful, unique, totally FUN. -Vic Varney.

1.1 Artsy Peace and Love
1.2 Wake Up Wet
1.3 Her Peace
1.4 Lucky 7
1.5 He Said
1.6 Mad
1.7 Voices

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