Isabel Pantoja

Isabel Pantoja: Canciones Que Me Gustan

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Isabel Pantoja

Title: Canciones Que Me Gustan
Label: Altafonte Label Serv
Product Type: VINYL LP

Isabel is an art icon of talent, musical excellence and vocal technique and you know it. We all know it, all of us who work with her also. I have had the enormous satisfaction and great pleasure of being able, once again, to work with her. Isabel makes an incursion into swing, a little jazz too, rhythm and blues and she does it masterfully as she knows, it is an exceptional song. As I said, Isabel comes out with this new album, she is young, renewed with a lot of illusion and a lot of desire to please all of you, all her public and what I want is to thank her once again for allowing me to work with her, it is a fantastic album from an immeasurable artist, really great and a very human artist. To all of you, greetings and enjoy this phenomenal album of Isabel Pantoja'. Luis Cobos

1.1 Esta Es Mi Vida
1.2 Nena
1.3 El Mundo
1.4 Que Me Perdonen los Dos
1.5 A Mi Manera
1.6 Estraño Tus Ojos
1.7 Te Esperaré
1.8 Historia de Amor
1.9 Venecia Sin Ti
1.10 Errado
1.11 Enamórate

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