Isadar: Reconstructed

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Isadar

Artist: Isadar
Title: Reconstructed

"I've just finished one of the most productive sessions in my career. Isadar brought his compositions and his brilliant performance capabilities to my Imaginary Road Studios this week and simply astounded engineer Tom Eaton and myself with his talents, his focus, and to be honest - his remarkable humanity. The music we recorded ranged from the achingly beautiful to the breathtakingly technical, all of this rendered expertly through the unique musical lens that Isadar offers us. Isadar has been recording for some time and has been met with open arms wherever he's gone, but I expect that this recording "Reconstructed" will wake up an audience looking for a new voice and a new perspective. Isadar is the sort of talent a producer longs for..." - Will Ackerman, Grammy award winner, and founder of Windham Hill Records (March 2012)

1.1 Summer Nights
1.2 Throwing the Dice
1.3 End of the Line
1.4 Active Imagination
1.5 The Purple Heart (A Summary)
1.6 Where the Wild Things Are
1.7 Jealous Heart
1.8 Uncertainty
1.9 The Bermuda Triangle
1.10 Near the Edge of Light
1.11 Waiting
1.12 Overview
1.13 Love Chaconne
1.14 Fountain of Life
1.15 Smoke Signals
1.16 Voice of God (Thanksgiving)

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