Isla Cameron

Isla Cameron: Through Bushes and Briars and Other Songs

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Artist: Isla Cameron

Artist: Isla Cameron
Title: Through Bushes and Briars and Other Songs

Isla Cameron was one of the key figures in England's postwar folk song revival. Cameron became one of the most popular woman folk singers of her day, and performed regularly in clubs throughout the British Isles. Her classic album from the late 1950's, Through Bushes And Briars And Other Songs of the British Isles, has long been hailed as one of the most influential albums of British folk songs ever recorded. Newly remastered.

1.1 Keel Row
1.2 Through Brushes and Briars
1.3 The Seeds of Thyme
1.4 The Lark in the Morning
1.5 To the Begging I Will Go
1.6 Lord Randal
1.7 Sandgate Nursing Song
1.8 The Water Is Wide
1.9 Scots Curse
1.10 Soldier, Soldier
1.11 Sweet Scented Lavender
1.12 Johnny Todd
1.13 Died for Love
1.14 The Frog and the Crow
1.15 Christ Child Lullabye
1.16 Baloo Baleary
1.17 The Lowlands of Holland
1.18 The Cherry Tree Carol
1.19 Croodin Doo

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