Ital: Dream on

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Ital

Title: Dream on
Label: Planet Mu
Product Type: VINYL LP

His second release for Planet Mu this year, Dream on is a proper full-length outing for Ital's Daniel Martin-McCormick and a much more substantial record than the popular and critically acclaimed Hive Mind. On Dream On, Martin-McCormick takes his house and techno experiments even further, deconstructing sunny chords, laid-back drum shuffle and rhythmic vocal loops and threading them with a rich psychodrama of delirious textures, tidal chords and uneasy roughness and dissonance. Having spent over 20 weeks on the road since the completion of Hive Mind, Martin-McCormick reflects the raw energy of the live show and the touring mindset: The heady, dream-feel of house, cut with both dub's fracturing smear and an understanding of the power of distortion, honed from years working in DIY and noise.

1.1 Despot
1.2 Boi
1.3 Eat Shit [Waterfalls Mix]
2.1 Enrique
2.2 Housecapella
2.3 What a Mess
2.4 Deep Cut [Live Edit] [Edit]

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