J.B. McLain

J.B. McLain: Always

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Product Type: CD
Artist: J.B. McLain

Title: Always
Label: CD Baby

Beautiful melodies. Great to listen to for relaxation, stress relief, and massage. Calming music for self-centering, unwinding or soul searching. J.B. McLain is a guitarist out of Minneapolis Minnesota who also is a Trombone player/ composer in the Brass Messengers.

1.1 Argentreta
1.2 A Step in Your Spring
1.3 Floating
1.4 The Holidays
1.5 2 Boys
1.6 Strawberry Grandpa
1.7 Peck It (A Kiss on the Cheek)
1.8 Magic Sideshow
1.9 The Road to the Red Cedar
1.10 Always
1.11 Summer Skye
1.12 Whisper My Dreams
1.13 Keep Carryin
1.14 In a Box
1.15 Abbey's Road
1.16 I Wish
1.17 Cardinal
1.18 The Horse on Brittany Lane
1.19 Addicted to the Sky
1.20 Into the Drink
1.21 Lookin at Me
1.22 Even Though

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