J.C. Burris

J.C. Burris: One of These Mornings

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Product Type: CD
Artist: J.C. Burris

Title: One of These Mornings
Label: Arhoolie Records

1.1 Hold Me Tight
1.2 Loneliness
1.3 River of Life
1.4 Mr. Jack's Dance
1.5 One of These Mornings
1.6 Inflation Blues
1.7 Hand Jive
1.8 You Got to Roam
1.9 Highway Blues
1.10 Blues Professor
1.11 Where I Am Bound
1.12 Moving on
1.13 Raining in Your Life
1.14 One Way Trip
1.15 Holdin' on
1.16 Christmas Time Once Again
1.17 City By the Bay
1.18 Way Down South
1.19 Blues Calling on You
1.20 Wailing and Sailing

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