J.D. Walker

J.D. Walker: 5th City's Own

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Artist: J.D. Walker

Artist: J.D. Walker
Title: 5th City's Own

J.D.Walker is the premier inspiration of the independent Chicago underground movement. J.D.Walker has been performing, recording, and independently producing his own music since 1988. J.D.Walker's street credibility in the streets of Chicago is the broadest of them all. In simple terms, just ask about him. You can call retail stores, radio stations, club dj's and any and every type of street hustler from the streets of Chicago back to the pimp Don 'Majic' Juan. J.D.Walker is the only Chicago artist who has the capabilities of selling millions of records. J.D.Walkers' stage show performance can be compared to that of Mysticals' or the likes of James Browns'. He has opened up for artists such as Outkast, Wu-tang Clan Too- short, Luke Skywalker, Jayo-Felony, and many more. J.D.Walkers' family in the business are Coldhard of Crucial Conflict (cousins), the Problem Child of Childrin of the ghetto (Hoo-Bangin Records, Mac 10), and a few more top local acts. J.D.Walker will not be sold dreams and he will not be led astray. He is the hardest working independent Chicago artists of them all and i guarantee that 95% of the listeners that purchase a J.D.Walker CD will love it ta death! J.D.Walker would like to say thank you to all of the many fans who has listened, purchased, or read about his album. J.D.Walker sends mad shouts out to the entire Country of JAPAN. Every since J.D.Walkers' album 5Th City's Own became available in February of this year, 80% of his album sales has come from JAPAN. So maybe the Hip-Hop fans of Japan is just recognizing one of their own. Thank You JAPAN!

1.1 5th City's Own Intro
1.2 5th City's Own
1.3 Starin' at Me
1.4 Poppin' Em in They Azz
1.5 Down By the Railroad
1.6 Step Into My Life
1.7 Kill the Popo's
1.8 Makadocious
1.9 Smell Like Dro
1.10 Off My Square
1.11 Soulfly
1.12 Bogis Bangin'
1.13 Quest Fa Success
1.14 Eaze Da Pain
1.15 J.D
1.16 Nigga What U On?
1.17 When I Up My Strap

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