J Geils

J Geils: J Geils Band

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: J Geils

Title: J Geils Band
Label: Speakers Corner
Product Type: VINYL LP

The J. Geils Band's self-titled debut serves notice that rock & roll wasn't dead in 1970 despite the best efforts of the singer/songwriter brigade. Though it sounds a bit reserved in the light of the albums that followed, compared to the majority of bands on the scene, it was a nonstop blast of energy, fun, and sweat. Featuring the hipster jive of singer Peter Wolf, the amazing afro and harp chops of Magic Dick, the fret-burning work of J. Geils, and the jack of many trades Seth Justman (keys, compositions, backing vocals), the Geils Band rips through some classic blues by the likes of Otis Rush ("Homework"), Walter Price ("Pack Fair and Square"), and John Lee Hooker (a slow-burning "Serves You Right to Suffer"), old Motown gems ("First I Look at the Purse"), and originals that stand up well next to the covers ("Wait," "What's Your Hurry," and future live favorite "Hard Drivin' Man"). A nice mix of nostalgia, intensity, and bar band excitement, the album serves as fair warning that the Geils Band was on the scene and was ready to bring back the good-time spirit of the juke joint, the abandon of the early rock & roll scene, and the high energy of the late-'60s concert halls.

1.1 Wait
1.2 Ice Breaker (For the Big "M")
1.3 Cruisin' for a Love
1.4 Hard Drivin' Man
1.5 Serves You Right to Suffer
2.1 Homework
2.2 First I Look at the Purse
2.3 What's Your Hurry
2.4 On Borrowed Time
2.5 Pack Fair and Square
2.6 Sno-Cone

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