J.J. Tindall

J.J. Tindall: Men in Love

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Artist: J.J. Tindall

Artist: J.J. Tindall
Title: Men in Love

J.J. Tindall is an internationally-acclaimed, Chicago-based author, musician and recording artist who has written, recorded and performed with a number of Chicago-based bands. 'Men in Love' is his first solo LP, originally released in 1999, co-produced with Brian Deck and Matt Tyndall at Idful Music and the Digital Bunker, Chicago. His second solo music LP, 'Songs in the Rock Genre' (2002) is also available at CDBaby.com. 'J.J. Tindall exhibits a knack for catchy, Keith Richards-like rhythm guitar and sharp, sincere songwriting...'Star Town' rocks out raw and simple with a message that a keen sense of self is all-important within or without the fabled city of fame. 'My Regeneration' gives a not so subtle wink to the Who with it's raunchy guitars and it's anthemic lauding of the healing powers of music and self-expression...'--Illinois Entertainer. 'Star Town' Top 30 for 1999 at Anna Livia Radio, Dublin, Ireland.

1.1 Men in Love
1.2 Star Town
1.3 Happy in Stereo
1.4 The You That I Love
1.5 Art Film
1.6 Nothing Seems Real
1.7 The Nemesis
1.8 A Few of My Friends
1.9 Talkin' L.A. Blues
1.10 My Regeneration

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