J.P.'s Force

J.P.'s Force: Time to Throw Down

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Product Type: CD
Artist: J.P.'s Force

Title: Time to Throw Down
Label: CD Baby

J.P.'s Force is a self contained band, based out of Washington, D.C., and was formed by Joe Phillips, who also formed The Winstons, that are still performing the well known classic song 'Color Him Father' all over the country. J.P.'s Force dismantled in the late 80's, and are reuniting to release 'Time To Throw Down' on CD. It was previously released on vinyl in a small region in the late 80's. After a number of request from fans, It was decided to release 'Time To Throw Down' on CD. J.P.'s Force is a part of the same label as The Winstons. You will enjoy the funky grooves and the smooth slow jams on this CD. Contact: Joe Phillips (Sensational Records) 301 735-8404 masterconductor@verizon.net.

1.1 Do You Wanna Dance?
1.2 Still in Love
1.3 Time to Throw Down
1.4 Things Are Not the Same
1.5 I'll Do Anything for Your Love
1.6 Shake What You Got

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