J.P. Taylor: Taylor, J.P. : Eyes of the World

J.P. Taylor: Taylor, J.P. : Eyes of the World
Title: Taylor, J.P. : Eyes of the World
Label: CD Baby

Several of these tracks were inspired by the work of prominent environmentalists including Dr. Jane Goodall, and "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin. All are dedicated to all the courageous crusaders for our environment. Faces in the Forest: After seeing Steve Irwin's "Crocodile Hunter" episode about orangutans I knew I had to write this song. It's intended to draw attention to the precarious position forest animals find themselves in as humans encroach further and further into their habitat. I am hopeful that it will inspire those who hear it to do whatever is necessary to save the world's remaining wild places for wild creatures. (Features Bruce Gosey on didgeridoo, and Michael Tomaselli on classical guitar.) Artificial World: A song about how we create images of the natural things we love, but don't seem to realize that we are destroying them at a terrifying pace. It makes one wonder if theme parks and zoos will soon be the only places with "wild" animals. (Features Gail Keel on concertina.) Get Along: Money doesn't solve every problem, but cooperation will allow us to find the path toward a healthier and more peaceful planet. "I wish for people to care, about what's happening here. I wish the world would come together and get along." (Features Charlie Klarsfield on flute.) The Difference We Can Make: Dr. Jane Goodall's work and her book Reason for Hope played a big part in inspiring the writing of this song. With all that's wrong in the world it's easy to feel that things are hopeless and give up trying. It's my hope that this tune can help rekindle hope and the notion that we can make a difference and save our planet. The Eyes of the World: An article in the Global Response newsletter inspired me to write this song. It read, "YEA letters 'Shake' for Venezuelan Forest." YEA is Young Environmentalist's Action, a student letter writing project sponsored by Global Response. The story described how a Venezuelan government official shook the letters he had received from YEA members in the air as he pleaded with the Environmental Ministry to protect Venezuela's Imataca Forest Reserve. It was, and still is, a powerful image for me. Ivory: The sale of elephant ivory is certainly the focus of this song, but the whole issue of trading in animal parts is really the concept behind it, whether it be bears, seals, whales, sharks, turtles, tigers, or countless other species. (Features Bruce Gosey on didgeridoo and Nate Dyke on talking drum and djembe.) Tell Me Why: We've all seen the images of the suffering in Africa - the faces of both children and adults. We've also seen how the rainforests continue to be devastated, despite widespread understanding of how vitally important they are to all life on Earth. Yet it all continues. I Wonder Who: I was really thinking of those "wise use" folks when I wrote this tune. You know, the ones who say there's no global warming, no need to be concerned about clear-cutting, polluters, etc. I wonder who "will they say is to blame, at the end of the game?" (Features Michael Tomaselli on classical guitar) Once Upon a Time: Kind of a nostalgic look back at the way things used to be in our world - cleaner air, more green spaces. Can we find a way to bring them back? When You Look at the World: A song about sharing and caring. With all the "things" many of us have, it's amazing how different life can be for others not so fortunate. But this is a song about caring enough to share whatever you can to make the world a better place for all living things.

1.1 Faces in the Forest
1.2 Artificial World
1.3 Get Along
1.4 The Difference We Can Make
1.5 The Eyes of the World
1.6 Ivory
1.7 Tell Me Why
1.8 I Wonder Who
1.9 Once Upon a Time
1.10 When You Look at the World

J.P. Taylor: Taylor, J.P. : Eyes of the World

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