J. Roddy Walston

J. Roddy Walston: Hail Megaboys

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Title: Hail Megaboys
Label: Morphius Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

"Mega Hail Boys" is an energy-bomb inside a LP. J Roddy Walston's piano bounce, flows and groove all over the record, and is the driving force behind the songs. Another factor that makes this record even more dynamite is that was totally a DIY process. The guys have become their own record label in an effort to see what they can do with this piece of work on their own. So far, they have already sold way more albums than expected, and are hitting the road to support it. Make yourself a favor and listen to this nerve-wrecking record and have a good time.

1.1 I'll Tell You What
1.2 Nineteen Ought Four
1.3 Rock And Roll II
1.4 Used To Did
1.5 The Times Are A Staying
1.6 Generic In Love
2.1 Go For It
2.2 Picnics And Kisses
2.3 Sally Bangs
2.4 Mommie Bomb
2.5 Stop Rip And Roll
2.6 Go Malachi

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