J.S. Bach

J.S. Bach: Well Tempered Clavier Book 2 PT. 1

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Product Type: CD
Artist: J.S. Bach

Title: Well Tempered Clavier Book 2 PT. 1
Label: CD Baby

J. S. Bach - The Well Tempered Clavier Book 2 Part 1. Peter Weiss - Piano. _______________ PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The Well Tempered Clavier is an extended, amplified and extraordinary example of the mathematical geometric musical genius of J.S. Bach. Together with other group of the 'Fugue' art, Bach presents here these group of keyboard (Piano) 'Fugues' delighted with an introductory 'Prelude' for each of them, conquering one of the most important icons of the music baroque period. We all know Bach's virtuosity, talent, innovation and knowledge; We have inherited the most powerful musical skill ever just by being part of Bach's world; we ought to him the musical power, the legend and grace of music. Performed by Peter Weiss, German as well as J.S. Bach, has in his hands also the ability of making out of this treasure, an outstanding gift for our soul, for our mind, and of course for our heart... (Four CD's kit collection). _______________ ABOUT THE ARTIST A native of Cologne Germany, Peter Weiss received his musical training in Italy from Paolo Rasetti, and Giorgio Presto. Living today in Italy, he has held a professorship at Rome School of Music since 1996, and since 1992 has served as University Piano Player at the University of Milan. International recognition was established in 1986 when he won the Carpina First Piano Festival, and has grown through his recording career with over ten recordings. Peter Weiss performs frequently in major international halls and concert festivals. He conducts master classes both in piano interpretation with a hint in baroque keyboard music. _______________ ABOUT THE COMPANY Music Studio, independent production and distribution of solo & chamber classical music, from the renaissance period up to twentieth century music as well as meditation & relaxation classical music productions. Our music is available on CD and in the universally compatible MP3 format; consumers can play tracks on any portable music device. Music Studio allows consumers to buy physical CD´s and/or download MP3 format single tracks or complete music productions from many different websites and music stores for substantially less than what they would imagine. Day by day Music Studio will continue in search, developing a unique catalog, high music performances, best audio quality as well as easy to use integrated online systems. Music Studio is based in Dallas TX. Music Studio is a division of Music Studio - Group.

1.1 Prelude 1
1.2 Fugue 1
1.3 Prelude 2
1.4 Fugue 2
1.5 Prelude 3
1.6 Fugue 3
1.7 Prelude 4
1.8 Fugue 4
1.9 Prelude 5
1.10 Fugue 5
1.11 Prelude 6
1.12 Fugue 6
1.13 Prelude 7
1.14 Fugue 7
1.15 Prelude 8
1.16 Fugue 8
1.17 Prelude 9
1.18 Fugue 9
1.19 Prelude 10
1.20 Fugue 10
1.21 Prelude 11
1.22 Fugue 11
1.23 Prelude 12
1.24 Fugue 12

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