J. Tex

J. Tex: Old Ways Vs New Days

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Artist: J. Tex

Artist: J. Tex
Title: Old Ways Vs New Days

2014 release, the fifth album from the Danish roots rockers. With a firm grip on the banjo and the guitar J. Tex often travels over the sea between Denmark and Sweden, with a sound of Americana, blues and country music. OLD WAYS VS. NEW DAYS takes a charming journey through a soundscape of violin, bass clarinet, vocals and a brilliant guitar and banjo work. The luggage is packed with solid experience, but music understanding is still open, curious and it is the major theme of the album.

1.1 This Old Banjo
1.2 Chocolate Jesus
1.3 As Wide As the Moon
1.4 Treading Water
1.5 This Old Blues
1.6 Night Train
1.7 Ship Coming in
1.8 April Fools Day
1.9 Clear Sky
1.10 Swedish Winter

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