J. Tex

J. Tex: One of This Days

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Artist: J. Tex

Artist: J. Tex
Title: One of This Days

Think of The Band's albums from the late sixties and early seventies. Think of music from the soundtrack to the movie 'O Brother, Where Art Thou'. Then think of a Danish singer/musician who works his way through the melting pot of country, rockabilly, blues, bluegrass, jazz, swing and oldtime music and filters it all through his own expericence, voice and point of view. Keep this in mind and you will hear the sound of J. Tex & the Volunteers. J. Tex, singer, songwriter, musician and frontman was christened Jens Einer Sørensen. He has lived in Copenhagen most of his life, but was born 42 years ago in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. J. Tex & the Volunteers released their award winning album 'Lost Between Clouds Of Tumbleweed And Space' two years ago. On their second album 'One Of These Days' J. Tex & the Volunteers are moving further into the rural American South and into themselves. And they emerge with a handfull of songs about lovable hicks who face hard luck and harder times. But as J. Tex (Jens Einer Sørensen) points out, 'We care about the poor, beaten down types and try to portray them, in the untrue stories that are my songs, with warmth, humor, solidarity and loyalty. I can see myself in many places in the roster of characters that are found in our songs, and I know from experience that the best way to survive a cruel and hard world is to be able to laugh at yourself.' 'One Of These Days' is produced by Kim Hüttel, the Danish producer behind acts like Johnny Madsen, Sort Sol and Kim Larsen. Kim Hüttel retired from the music business ten years ago. That is until he met J. Tex. Kim Hüttel writes on the cover of 'One Of These Days' that working with J. Tex has made him rediscover his passion and love of music. Country and rockabilly singer Lynda Kay from Texas sings on three songs on the album. The band found Lynda Kay on Myspace and fell for her voice. When J. Tex & the Volunteers found out that she was performing in Malmö, Sweden, they invited this Texas rose to Copenhagen. She said yes and spent three days recording in J.Tex' apartment in Østerbro. The result is a tender and heartfelt duet on Lynda Kay's ballad All I Ever Wanted To Do. On 'One Of These Days' J. Tex has truly found his voice. The band spent months working on 'One Of These Days' and getting the sound of the album just right. 'I'm looking forward to letting people hear the album. Thanks to Kim Hüttel's good ears it now sounds exactly like we dreamed it would', says the 42-year old, American born, urban cowboy.

1.1 Man of the House
1.2 That's What You Want
1.3 One of These Days
1.4 Misery
1.5 Getting It All Around
1.6 Schrimp Salads
1.7 Hope You Ain't Been There Yet
1.8 October 86
1.9 Big Bad Woman
1.10 All I Wanted Was You
1.11 Did You
1.12 Paradise
1.13 Do Re Mi

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