J. Walker: Rhymecology

J. Walker: Rhymecology
Title: Rhymecology
Label: CD Baby

'Inside our box our thoughts are mixed up and backwards, & even though I love it, I just can't stick up for rap words' J.Walker has a message. He is as good as they come lyrically but he uses his talent to uplift and remind people that there is more to the art form than bling bling and guns. While he can touch the old school hip hop souls, he just as easily connects with the guy working 40 hours a week whose only knowledge of hip hop comes from fast food and shoe commercials. The creativity and passion that J.Walker uses has helped him win numerous poetry slams and talent shows all through Los Angeles. J.Walker is living his dream, working as a self proclaimed Rhymecologist, he helps at risk youth work through their problems by expressing themselves through rap or poetry. He conducts groups and seminars throughout the Los Angeles area. J.Walker is a published author of poetry as well. If you are looking for mindless, party or thug rap...J.Walker is not the one for you. But if you have ever thought to yourself 'what am I doing in my life?' or been worried about aging or spent all night watching SportsCenter or been inspired or wanted a vacation or helped out someone in need or thought to yourself 'what happened to rap?' or came from a dysfunctional family or wondered about reincarnation...well, then J.Walker is for you.

1.1 An Album with Everything on It
1.2 Balance of Life
1.3 Inspiration
1.4 Best Damn Sports Song
1.5 Therapy
1.6 Shine
1.7 Uniqueness
1.8 Lost Notebook
1.9 Let's Get Away
1.10 40-79,5'6
1.11 I Almost Loved H.E.R
1.12 Photograph
1.13 Ancient Keys

J. Walker: Rhymecology

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