Jaap Blonks Braaxtaal

Jaap Blonks Braaxtaal: Dworr Buun

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Artist: Jaap Blonks Braaxtaal
Title: Dworr Buun

Each textual skeleton is fleshed out into densely textured song form. Syllables initiate rhythms and blend or clash with plundered instrumental snippets. Blonk wheezes out the words, or assumes an air of arch declamatory seriousness. Ground into particles or subjected to technological transformations, it soars, crashes, growls, squeaks and gyrates around Daenen's multi-layered sounds and Bodewes's crisp pulse.

1.1 Koekela Dast
1.2 Zood Vooiig
1.3 Glag I
1.4 Riekeleu Vuisma
1.5 Hoe Tarr
1.6 Glag II
1.7 Glag III
1.8 Dworr Buun
1.9 Glag IV
1.10 Dongstra

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