Jack Bradshaw & Chris Bradshaw

Jack Bradshaw & Chris Bradshaw: Rousing Good Time

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Artist: Jack Bradshaw & Chris Bradshaw
Title: Rousing Good Time

A collection of live ragtime performances featuring solos, duos, and ensembles with the Ragnolia Ragtette.

1.1 Margery
1.2 Doc Brown's Cakewalk
1.3 Gloria
1.4 Too Much Raspberry
1.5 Dill Pickles
1.6 Gravel Rag
1.7 Midnight Trot
1.8 Bohemia Rag
1.9 Temptation Rag
1.10 Pickles and Peppers (Feat. Ragnolia Ragtette)
1.11 Crazy Bone Rag (Feat. Ragnolia Ragtette)
1.12 Pearl of the Harem (Feat. Ragnolia Ragtette)
1.13 Wild Cherries (Feat. Ragnolia Ragtette)
1.14 Queen of Love (Feat. Ragnolia Ragtette)
1.15 Music Box Rag (Feat. Ragnolia Ragtette)
1.16 Cleopha (Feat. Ragnolia Ragtette)
1.17 On Emancipation Day (Feat. Ragnolia Ragtette)
1.18 Sutter Creek Strut (Feat. Ragnolia Ragtette)
1.19 (Feat. Ragnolia Ragtette)
1.20 Swipesy (Feat. Steve Drivon) - Jack Bradshaw
1.21 Charcoal - Jack Bradshaw
1.22 Oklahoma Rag - Jack Bradshaw
1.23 Country Rag - Jack Bradshaw
1.24 A Minor Entertainer - Jack Bradshaw

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