Jack Brass Band

Jack Brass Band: Fourth Movement

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Artist: Jack Brass Band

Artist: Jack Brass Band
Title: Fourth Movement

Sounds like a New Orleans Party. Hypnotic rhythms, vocals and horns playing well-known covers with a twist to make 'em fresh; add to that the personality of groovin' originals, and it's time to get your back up off the wall, and dance, c'mon.

1.1 Nothing from Nothing
1.2 Off the Wall
1.3 Panama Jack
1.4 Just My Imagination
1.5 JBB Secondline
1.6 Give It to Me Baby
1.7 Brownout
1.8 Beautiful Girls
1.9 Blue Light
1.10 Part Time Lover
1.11 Bad News
1.12 Mardi Gras Mambo
1.13 Hot Ham Sandwich
1.14 Lean on Me
1.15 Let's Get It on

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